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Namibia is a vast, yet sparsely populated land. It's unforgettable landscapes, teaming wildlife, desolation and unspoilt, arid beauty, have left countless visitors breathless and inspired.

Namibia is in fact the second least densly populated country in the world with an area slighly more than half the size of Alaska. This is often underestimated when planning the route and length of a safari tour.

To offer you some guidance in this matter we have compiled a possible 9 and 5 day tour. Please note that these tours are merely to assist and aid you in deciding on how many days your safari could encompass or where the route may take you.

With years of experience in the guiding business, you can count on us to create a tailor-made tour that will suit your intended length of stay, the attractions you wish to see and experience, and the memories you want to take back home with you. Let us make sure, that this safari is a dream come true and will remain with you for a lifetime.

Guided Selfdrive Safaris

9 Days/8 Nights

Meeting point and start of the tour is Palmwag or Khowarib Lodge. Spend the evening together, get to know each other while having a diner.
Overnight: Lodge or Camping.

Tour Start. We drive west into the Hoanib River. We stay there for the day, exploring the dry riverbed and the valleys alongside. We search for desert elephants, lions and other animals.
Overnight: Wild camping in the Hoanib Valley.

We carry on north over Okongwe to the Hoarusib Valley. We follow the river to Purros. On the way we see beautiful landscapes and do a gamedrive.
Overnight: Camping at Purros Campsite. Shower and toilet available.

We follow the Hoarusib Valley north over a beautiful pass to the Khumib ephemeral river. We follow the river to Orupembe and carry on northwest to the close vicinity of the Skeleton Coast Park.
Overnight: Wild camping wherever we are at dusk.

Proceed parallel to the Skeleton Coast Park through remote landscapes to the Hartmanns Valley.
Overnight: Wild camping in the Hartmanns Valley.

We explore the Hartmanns Valley with short walks to beautiful viewpoints. Thereafter we have brunch, siesta and in the late afternoon a sundowner drive to a spectacular viewpoint.
Overnight: Wild camping in the Hartmanns Valley

Via Red Drum we reach Marienfluss Valley and drive on to the Kunene. In the afternoon we take a walk or relax at the river.
Overnight: Camping at Camp Syncro

We drive back via Red Drum to Marble Camp just before Onjuva plains. On the way we may encounter members of the Himba tribe.
Overnight: Camping at Marbel Campsite.

We drive east via Otjihaa meeting many Himba on the way to just before Etanga or as far as we manage to proceed.
Overnight: Wild camping.

Drive to Opuwo. We stay over at Opuwo Country Lodge or at the campsite. In the evening we have dinner together and a last campfire (if we are camping). End of the tour. On the next day you proceed with your privately planned tour.

Prices for Kaokoland-Tour:

2 Pax from N$ 28500 p.p. (minimum Pax)
3 Pax from N$ 22400 p.p.
4 Pax from N$ 17800 p.p.
5 Pax from N$ 15200 p.p.
6 Pax and more from N$ 12500 p.p.

The prices for 2017 are per person and are based on the 9 day tour above. This tour is a suggestion and may be altered to your wishes. The prices are valid until December 2017

2 Pax N$ 4 980,00 (minimum Pax)
3 Pax N$ 3 860,00
4 Pax N$ 3 210,00
5 Pax N$ 2 840,00
6Pax and more N$ 2 660,00

The prices for 2018 are per person per day and are based on the 9 day tour above. This tour is a suggestion and may be altered to your wishes. The prices are valid until December 2018

  • • This tour is only possible as a self driver tour with own vehicle since the starting point is not the same as the end destination.
  • • Every vehicle partaking must carry at least 180 l of Diesel/Petrol.
  • • Every car must carry 40 l water (for washing)
  • • Every vehicle must be fully equipped for camping. (Tent, bedding, chairs, table)
  • • The tour may also be done in the reverse.
  • • The participants have to insure their own vehicle for the duration of the 9 day off road trip.
  • • Guide vehicle inclusive Diesel/Petrol and camping gear (where necessary)
  • • Salary Tourguide
  • • 3 meals per day for 9 days
  • • Drinking water, beer, wine and juice for 9 days.
  • • Camping fees (except starting and end point)
  • • All guide expences for 9 days (food, drinks, camping fees)
  • • Petrol/Diesel for the vehicles of the participants of the tour
  • • Accommodation, meals and drinks at the lodge/campsite at the meeting point.
  • • Accommodation, meals and drinks at the lodge/campsite at the destination.
  • • Vehicle insurance of the participants.
  • • Travel cancellation insurance.

"North-West Namibia"
5 Days/4 Nights

Meet guests at Lodge of their choice, ideal for departure to north-west Namibia, eg. Grootberg Lodge, Palmwag Lodge, Khowarib Lodge or Fort Sesfontein. Spend the evening together, get to know each other..........

After breakfast, depart into Palmwag concession, looking for desert adapted animals but concentrating on the Black Rhino.
Overnight: Wild camping in the Palmwag consession.

We drive north through the Mudarib river into the Hoanib river. Beautiful landscape drive and possible sightings of desert adapted lion and elephant.
Overnight: Wild camping close to the Hoanib river.

We spend the whole day looking for animals in the Hoanib river. Game drive in the morning, siesta and another drive in the afternoon.
Overnight: Wild camping on the same spot as night before.

We drive north to the Hoarusib river. Along the river we reach Purros and overnight at Purros community camp, with shower and toilets. Beautyful landscape and game drive. At Purros we visit the Himba late afternoon.
Overnight: Puros community camp.

We drive back over Tomakas and Sesfontein to the last lodge of guests choice. Lunch stop at Onganga spring. We spend the last evening together at the lodge. Next morning each party continues on their own route.

Prices for the Namibia North-West Tour

2 Pax N$ 4 560,00 (minimum Pax)
3 Pax N$ 3 510,00
4 Pax N$ 2 920,00
5 Pax N$ 2 580,00
6 Pax and more N$ 2 420,00

2 Pax N$ 4 980,00 (minimum Pax)
3 Pax N$ 3 860,00
4 Pax N$ 3 210,00
5 Pax N$ 2 840,00
6 Pax and more N$ 2 660,00

Prices based on this 5 day tour are per person per day to make it totally flexible.

  • • Car, Guide, Fuel and Camping gear for the 5 Days
  • • 3 meals per day, water and drinks (beer, wine, G&T) on camping nights
  • • camping, consession fees and Himba visit
  • • Guide accommodation on first and last night at chosen Lodge

  • • first accommodation where we meet guests and last accommodation on day 5, for guests
  • • any extras such as change of programm, special drinks, private spendings

Guided Safaris

Experience an authentic African Safari with a trained guide by your side.

Benefit from years of experience in the Namibian Tourism Industry and our professional and trusted advice.

Our guided tours are limited to a small number of people.

Together we will create a tailor-made itinerary to suit your intended length of stay, your budget and your sense of adventure.

We organize all the logistics, equipment, bookings & accommodation.

These tours are also suited for individuals and small groups seeking a photographic adventure.

We offer tours to all destinations in Namibia, specializing in desert guiding.

Please contact us for more information and prices regarding our guided Safaris.

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